The Story of Kate's Vintage Treasures

Magpie At Heart

Lover of all things Antique and Vintage.

From when I was younger all I remember is being dragged around car boot sales and charity shops, all I wanted back then were new things. However growing up around Vintage and Antiques I learned not only to appreciate them I grew to love them. Now I hardly ever buy new. Everything I own is either second hand or Vintage. I look for uniqueness and things that can tell a story. I have learnt a lot in my years of collecting and would like to start passing on the information I have learned to others who show an interest in the same things as me. My items are all things I have hand picked and chosen for their stories, beauty and age. So please have a good look and learn what you can so we can keep the appreciation for these items alive so they all have homes and are once again cherished.