My First Blog! 

I'm a little late to the blogging game but better late than never. Hello lovlies my name is Kate, it's difficult to know where to begin. Firstly I suppose I'll start with one of my biggest passions in life, vintage and antique fashion! I would love to use this website and blog as a platform for my interest in different fashion and to chat with like minded people. I will have a wonderful collection of hand picked vintage and antique items of clothing avalible to purchase through the store. I also have a huge love for antique and vintage jewellery, I love anything that has some history to it, if only some of these items could talk. I ran a shop called Magpie in the West country for a number of years. I learnt so much from my time having a physical shop but now it's time to take that knowledge and share it on a global scale. The shop sadly will no longer be there as I will have a virtual shop and this will allow me to have more freedom, to travel and meet new people who also want to be different. We live in an age now where being "normal" isn't really a thing, we need to embrace and explore the different and unusual, to stand out and be who we want to be even if that person looks like she lived 60 years ago. Something else I am passionate about is the environment and how we as humans are effecting the world around us, this is another reason I'm such a huge advocate for vintage as it is helping to recycle, I have hardly anything new in my house. I feel this may be the theme of my next blog, "5 reasons why you should by vintage". God, look at me getting carried away on my first one. I am also a very proud mumma to a beautiful Fox red Labrador, his name is rolo and I'm bringing him up now as he will probably be featured in my blog. He's my partner in crime and makes a fantastic model from time to time. He also likes to get his vintage on, occasionally he can be spotted in a vintage scarf and sometimes the odd piece of headwear!

I'm soon to be in my late twenties and have 10+ years experience with running a business and and buying and selling vintage. I'm looking forward to this new chapter of my life and am happy to share my progress with all of you. I also plan to be at many different vintage events up and down the country, when I no longer have the shop I will be able to attend more events to give me a chance to hopefully meet some of you. Anywho, there's my introduction I really hope I didn't bore you all too much and make sure you check back regularly lovlies!

K 😘

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