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Hey, we are only four months into the new year and I'm finally writing my latest blog. Not bad going if you ask me. This year has been full on already, I've been super busy getting stock and trying out a few other ventures to figure out where I really want to use my passions. I helped out the local Museum organise a Vintage and Vinyl fair! It was something neither of has put on before, however we put our heads together and created (in my opinion) a fantastic first Fair! It was a bit of work and quite stressful on the build up buy my god did I really enjoy it! This is deffinitley something I am going to be looking into more as it's a great way to bring small independent businesses together to help support one another, because at the end of the day we need to look out for one another in this day and age!

I know I haven't been updating the website that much recently, only because I have been busy with other things but this is the year I am going to throw everything at it and also use this space to promote any and all events I will be involved with.

So if you are an old faithful customer who followed me from my shop or all you lovely new faces that have found me since then, you can keep an eye on where I will be and please do come and say hello. One of the only aspects of having the shop I really loved was getting to speak to lots of lovely like-minded people.

Speaking of, this week we will start the planning for the next Vintage and Vinyl day in Chippenham we already have a list of people who are wanting to have a stall so hopefully there will even more to look at this time round. However, due to what is currently happening across the globe we don't have dates for fairs yet, but we are still working behind the scenes and sticking with social media and the website for the time being.

We are all now facing very challenging times and that means the way we are working has changed dramatically! My website will still be going as my main business is all I have to keep going right now. With that being said I am taking alot more precautions and only visiting the post office once per week, please keep this in mind if you are ordering something from me.

I have been truly amazed at the support that everyone seems to be giving right now, it really is a time when we need to help and be understanding with each other and I have seen this countless times lately in people's windows and on social media! Keep up the good work everyone and we will get through this all together. Please stay safe and be kind to all of the services that continue to bring us all what we need. Much love Kate 😘

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